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  • Shandong wooden pallet

    Shandong wooden pallet The wooden pallet is simply a product that is easy to use for the production of forklift trucks or hydraulic forklift trucks. It is uContact Now

  • Zibo wooden tray

    Zibo wooden tray After selecting the raw material of the wooden pallet, the wood should be dried to perform better dewatering and clean the internal sContact Now

  • Plywood tray

    Plywood tray Plywood pallets are commonly used materials for running cargo. It is one of three wood-based panels. It cContact Now

  • Export wooden crates

    Export wooden crates In order to reduce the moisture of the packaged product, some amount of desiccant is placed in the packaging wooden box to absorb theContact Now

  • Wooden pallet manufacturer

    Wooden pallet manufacturer The wooden pallet manufacturer tells you that sometimes the goods carried on the pallet are corrosive, or that the cargo contained inContact Now

  • Fumigation wooden tray

    Fumigation wooden tray Pallet use: mainly used in chemical, electromechanical, plastic, and paper industries. Made of wood. MadeContact Now



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