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fumigation-free tray
fumigation-free tray
fumigation-free tray

Fumigation-free trayTray that can be exported without fumigation, also known as plywood tray . Made of synthetic plywood, no wood components, no exit inspection, simple procedures. However, there are chemical components in it, so some countries do not accept plywood.

The advantages of fumigation-free trays are as follows:

1, export fumigation, no cleaning, easy entry and exit;

2, the product is more beautiful than the wooden tray, with high compression and high load-bearing performance;

3, can better reduce the traditional wooden pallet wood knots, insects, color, high humidity and other shortcomings;

4, good waterproof performance, simple production process, low cost;

5, can replace wooden pallets, the use of better.

Fumigation-free tray size< pan="">

The thickness of the pallet raw material is 12 -18mm plywood. In addition to products that meet national standards, trays of different sizes can be customized according to user needs.

The flow of the fumigation-free tray directly affects the choice of tray size. For shipments to Europe, choose 1210 pallets (1200 mm*1000 mm) or 1208 pallets (1200 mm*800 mm); for shipments to Japan and Korea, choose 1111 pallets (1100 mm*) 1100 mm); goods to Oceania should be selected 1140 mm * 1140 mm or 1067 mm * 1067 mm; goods to the United States should be selected 48 in * 40 in pallets, China usually uses 1210 trays to send to the United States. 1200mm*1000mm trays are used more.