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Wooden pallet manufacturer
Wooden pallet manufacturer
Wooden pallet manufacturer

       Use of wooden pallets

One: Many countries now require fumigation and insecticide treatment of packaging materials used in inbound shipments, which is equivalent to an increase in export costs. Wood pallet manufacturers tell you to use simple non-fumigation trays.

Two: Look at the tray is on the shelf. The pallet for pallet stacking should be a wooden pallet with good rigidity, no deformation, and large dynamic load, such as mixed hardwood pallets. In addition, the tray is selected according to different temperatures. Different requirements for the wooden pallet material of the cargo being transported.

Third: The wooden pallet manufacturer tells you that sometimes the goods carried on the pallet are corrosive, or the cargo contained in the pallet requires a relatively high cleanliness. Use plastic trays or plastic wood composite trays with good corrosion resistance. Use the cleanliness of the environment. Consideration should be given to the extent to which the environment is contaminated by the pallet. It is necessary to select a tray that is resistant to contamination and easy to clean for highly polluted environments. Such as plastic trays, wooden trays, etc.

Different sizes of wooden pallets are required for its load capacity, and once it is greater, the consequences will be quite serious. The wooden pallet manufacturer said that it is not only the weight, but also the height should be controlled at two-thirds of the width of the wooden pallet. The wooden pallets loaded with goods are basically transported by forklifts, so the damage caused by the forklifts should be strictly reduced. For this reason, the distance between the two forks should be as wide as possible to the outer edge of the fork of the pallet when moving the wooden pallet, and the depth of the fork should be greater than 2/3 of the depth of the entire pallet .