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European standard wooden pallet

European standard wooden pallet

Product Details

European standard wooden pallets are made of solid wood or synthetic wood and have uniform standards for the size, load carrying capacity, wood type, humidity, specifications and appearance of pallet nails. Several parts of the tray and the nail head of the tray have specific markings. After maintenance according to the standard, the maintenance personnel also need to nail the nail with a specific mark on the nail head. From these markers, we can see the origin and license number of the tray and nail.

    1. Why choose EPAL pallet?

European standard wooden pallet quality trademark printed in < pan="">EPAL tray. The mark ensures that the pallet has been inspected by the European Pallet Association and that its products are safe in scope: safer transport ensures that the goods arrive safely at their destination.

Pass EPAL quality inspection The European standard pallets enable the safety of logistics, transportation and warehousing in different locations, both within the scope of operations and in international transportation and warehousing. This is a better advantage of choosing EPAL.

    2. What is the EPAL logo?

Only the European standard wood pallets that pass the EPAL quality inspection are allowed to use the EPAL logo: EPAL partners are all individual quality inspection agencies, and EPAL is responsible for achieving strict quality control systems outside Europe. .



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