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Zibo wooden tray

Zibo wooden tray

Product Details

First, the selection of Zibo wooden pallet production

The raw materials of wooden pallets are generally pine, such as Korean pine and Pinus sylvestris, and its pine is better. Wood materials are also different depending on the place. For example, southern wood, because of the high humidity in the south, the moisture of the wood is more, so not only the weight of the wooden pallet is also poor in anti-corrosion; while the northern climate is dry, the humidity is small, the wood is dry, and it is easy to fission.

Second, the drying of Zibo wooden tray production

After selecting the raw material of the wooden pallet, the wood should be dried to perform better dewatering and clean the internal stress, so that the wood will not cause pests and diseases due to moisture during the processing and manufacturing process, and will not cause fission due to drying, affecting the wooden pallet. The quality that affects exports.

Third, the cutting and polishing of wooden pallets

After the wood has been dried, it is mainly processed by wood. It is cut with a panel saw, and planed and broken with a planer to achieve the smoothness of the wood. After the selection of the suitable wood, waxing and finening are required. Processing, to achieve its use quality is better.

Fourth, the finishing of wooden pallet production

After the wood has been planed, it is the deep processing of the wood, which needs to be processed by a sanding machine and processed into a color plate. The molded material plate is nailed into a semi-finished product tray by using a nail having a function of preventing the off function, or the following anti-dropping pad or the like can be used.

Five, Zibo wooden pallet molding disposal

After the wood has been planed, it is the deep processing and disposal of the wood. It needs to be processed and disposed by a sanding machine and processed into a color plate.



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