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Export wooden crates

Export wooden crates

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     Moisture prevention measures for exporting wooden crates

At present, the export market for wooden crates has undergone major changes, mainly due to increased demand. The influencing factor is that China has increased its control over deforestation and the cost of timber has risen sharply.

There are three waterproof and moisture-proof measures for exporting wooden crates. The role of the wooden box is to reduce the damage of the product inside, and play a safe and convenient role in the transportation of the product. The following are three waterproof and moisture-proof measures:

1: The purpose of waterproofing is to draw a vacuum in the wooden box of the sealed package. In order to reduce the loss of moisture in water-containing products and achieve stable product performance, moisture-proof packaging materials with moisture permeability are used.

2: In order to reduce the moisture of the packaged product, some amount of desiccant is placed in the packaging wooden box to absorb the moisture brought into the package, so that the humidity is kept within the relative range. Commonly used desiccants are silica gel, molecular sieves, activated alumina, and the like. This method requires the wooden box to be sealed so that the inner space of the wooden box can be spaced from the outside air. Exemption from wooden card This method is suitable for small and medium-sized packages.

3: Export wooden crates Through the continuous or intermittent detection and control of the humidity in the controlled space, the humidity in the controlled space can be kept within the required range to achieve the dry storage of materials and equipment.



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