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European standard tray

European standard tray

Product Details

one , European standard tray specification classification

By specification Can be divided into two types:

1200mm*800mm, suitable for continental Europe, Germany, France.

1200mm*1000mm, suitable for the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland.

Two, European standard tray Material classification

The tray can also be divided into wooden boards , plywood, plastic and other materials, commonly used in wooden pallets and plywood pallets.

Wooden pallets made of solid wood Into, most of it is pine. The export should be fumigated, the IPPC logo should be issued with a fumigation certificate.

Plywood trays are made of wood-based panels, in It is treated under high temperature and high pressure without fumigation and quarantine. It is the more commonly used export tray.

, European standard tray features

1, ISO certification: Europa tray is ISO certified six trays one.

UIC 435-2

800×1200mm four-hole European wooden pallet quality standard

UIC 435-4

European flat tray and European Y-box pallet maintenance quality standards

2, carrying capacity

Europa pallets are designed according to the following cargo stackers or forklifts:

General goods, 1000kg, placed irregularly on the tray.

Will 1500kg ordinary The goods are placed flat on the entire pallet.

2,000 kilograms of small regular goods are placed on the entire tray.

When the tray is placed on a flat, hard horizontal On the top, when the goods are evenly placed on the entire surface of the tray, a plurality of loading trays are stacked on each other. The bottom tray needs to be able to withstand a relatively large load of 4000 kg (6000 kg).



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