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Shandong wooden pallet

Shandong wooden pallet

Product Details

Shandong wooden pallet wooden pallets are horizontal platform devices for loading, stacking, transporting and transporting goods and articles as unit loads.

Most of the Shandong wooden pallets are used for stacking goods. It can be protected from moisture and reduces direct contact with the ground. Logistics companies use more.

The wooden pallet is simply a product that is easy to use for the production of forklift trucks or hydraulic forklifts . It is used for stacking goods or containers. Simply put, the workers used to move things one by one, which is more laborious and time consuming. Now, on a pallet, for example, ten things can be stacked, and then the forklift is used for transportation, which saves time and labor and increases production efficiency.

Wooden pallets, warehousing equipment that warehouse enterprises need to use, and logistics facilities that are important in the logistics industry are also ideal assistants for production enterprises to turn over, circulate, temporarily store and stack goods. The company can customize wooden pallets of different specifications and different types according to customer requirements.

Mainly produce different types, common standards, European, American, Japanese standard and other environmental protection pallets, pallets (alias fork plate, pallet, card board, pallet, warehouse board), wooden pallet box, pallet box .

The material of Shandong wooden pallet is multi-layer board, the chipboard fork type two-sided or four-sided fork carries 1-5 tons of specifications. According to different requirements of customers, the appearance type is Sichuan type, Tian type, reinforced type, double-sided type. .



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