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The main production of various types of wooden pallets, can be tailored
We mainly produce various types of wooden pallet
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  • Customers need a fumigation certificate that cannot be processed in time
  • Tray wood board breaks
  • The usage period is short
  • Unstable wooden box assembly
  • Tray size is not suitable
  • The export tray is not fumigation
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There are a variety of wooden pallets that can be customized according to customer needs.
Company's 4 Advantages
Four Advantages of Tengchi Industry and Trade
Because of these, you have chosen us
The company has a long time to set up and has more production experience
Long standing time and many years of production experience
  • The company was established in 1998 and was officially established in 2006
  • The company has been established for a long time and has a solid foundation. With years of industry experience, it has continuously introduced new technologies and has become a pallet supplier in Shandong and surrounding areas
Precision equipment, high product quality
Precision equipment and high product quality
  • Production equipment with high precision, good product performance, and satisfactory customer satisfaction
  • Our company survives by quality, and has more equipment, such as horizontal saw, multi-blade saw, slotting machine, four-side sanding machine, etc. The products produced have high precision and the products produced meet export standards.
R&D team has more experience and strong production capacity
Rich experience and strong production capacity
  • Our company integrates R&D, production and sales into one, and has been engaged in pallet production for many years,
  • The operator has a lot of experience.
  • Because of the relatively good production capacity, the production operation is carried out according to the customer's needs.
Qualified and assured purchase
Full qualification and low risk
  • Our company has passed IS9001 quality management system certification. Product quality is guaranteed and after-sales service is perfect.
  • We can provide customers with fumigation and disinfection certificates, environmental assessment certificates, and complete security procedures to reduce corporate risks.
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Zibo Tengchi Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.
Zibo Tengchi Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is located in - Shandong Province - Zibo City - Linyi District - Qilu Petrochemical Heavy Land - Zhutai Town Industrial Park. The company has been established for 15 years and has 50 employees, including 10 technicians. We are a manufacturer of wooden pallets for the production of modern environmentally friendly packaging materials integrating design, development, production and sales. Our company mainly produces and sells Shandong wooden pallets, Zibo wooden pallets, fumigation-free trays, special fumigation-free packaging boxes for export, special fumigation wooden boxes for chemical industry, plywood trays, packing boxes, glued wooden pallets, fumigation wooden pallets, building square wood, European Standard pallets, European standard wooden pallets, fumigation-free packaging boxes, fumigation wooden boxes, export wooden crates, export wooden crates, heat-treated wooden pallets and industrial packaging. It mainly produces various types of wooden pallets. Products are sold to Jinan, Zibo, Weifang, Binzhou, Dongying Guangrao, Hebei and other places. Can be tailored to customer needs. At the same time, our company has the qualification and ability of fumigation treatment and heat treatment. Fumigation and heat treatment of wooden pallets. Also undertake other wood products fumigation heat treatment business......
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Understanding European Standard Tray
Advantages of plywood trays This
Introduction to European Standard Wooden
The raw material for the fumigation-free tray is composite or plywood. The raw material is processed under different high temperature and high pressure for different wood residual materials...
The price of fumigation-free trays will be lower than the price of fumigated wooden pallets, as each wooden pallet should be fumigated and cleaned, and the fumigation certificate needs to be processed...
The solid wood tray is made of refined solid wood compared with the wooden pallet made of general materials. The quality is higher and the bearing capacity is stronger...


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