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Fumigation wooden tray
Fumigation wooden tray
Fumigation wooden tray

First, the characteristics of fumigation wooden tray:

The bearing is of great importance, the quality is better, and the use is wider.

Second, the way:

Mainly used in chemical, electromechanical, plastic knitting, paper industry. Made of wood. Made according to customer's requirements, different wood materials, no bark and no insects, need to be heat treated in the warehouse before delivery to reduce the appearance of eggs or other microorganisms.

3. What are the wooden packages for fumigation wooden pallets?

It refers to wooden materials used for carrying, packing, laying, supporting and fixing goods, such as wooden crates, wooden crates, wooden pallets, wooden frames, wooden barrels, wooden shafts, wooden wedges, wooden blocks, sleepers, and linings. Except for wood materials (such as plywood, fiberboard, etc.) for packaging that have been artificially synthesized or processed by heat or pressure. Sheet metal cores, sawdust, wood, shavings, etc., and wood materials with a thickness equal to or less than 6 mm.

Fourth , fumigation wooden tray heat treatment ( HT)

1. It is necessary to achieve an intermediate temperature of at least 56 ° C for more than 30 minutes.

2. Kiln drying (KD), chemical pressure impregnation (CPI) or other treatment methods can be considered as heat treatment as long as the heat treatment requirements are met. For example, chemical pressure impregnation can meet the requirements of heat treatment process by steam, hot water or dry heat.