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Fumigation wooden box

Fumigation wooden box

Product Details

     Fumigation wooden box is mainly used for large machinery, motors, wooden boxes for the export of parts. It can be loaded and unloaded by forklift or crane. Made from natural wood. According to the size provided by the customer, it adopts better wood, no bark and no insects. Before delivery, it needs to be heat treated in the warehouse or fumigated with the preparation to reduce the appearance of eggs or other microorganisms.

one. Fumigation wooden box Some requirements for fumigation:

1. Wooden packaging must not have bark.

2. Fumigation of the wood packaging should be shipped as soon as possible, while paying attention to separate storage, and Intersected with other untreated wood products and wood.

3. The time for fumigation certificate is 21 days

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After understanding the goods that need to be packaged, each time you need to The ship asks if it needs fumigation and confirms that it can be reserved. The fumigation wooden box is carried out in two ways, one is the chemical method and the other is the heat treatment method. Fumigation box refers to a chemical that produces a concentration of gas that kills a pest at the required temperature and pressure. This molecular gas can penetrate into the material of the fumigation wooden box. After the fumigation wooden box is ventilated and diffused, it will spread out more easily.

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