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Building Square Wood

Building Square Wood

Product Details

Building Specifications

1. The specifications of the building square are generally divided into 30*50 mm. This refers to its length and width. We call it 35 square wood. This is usually used to hang a wooden keel or to do some internal structure. 60*90, the frame of the old furniture is usually made with this, but it is rarely used in home decoration. 120*40, called the door. It is used to make the skeleton of the door. Painted on both sides of the door, the door was made.

2, building square wood is not painted in the decoration. When used in indoor structures, fireproof coatings are sometimes applied as needed.

3, in theory, the building square can be used for modeling, but the question is whether it is beautiful and reasonable. As long as it is aesthetically pleasing, there is no material or thing that can't be used, depending on the designer's ability.

4, the construction of the wood paint process is usually first putty, and then close the middle of the wood, otherwise the spray of paint is easy to spend, then sandpaper with a primer, and then polished again. This is called the primer four times or so, then the top paint is also sanded, then sprayed and polished.



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