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fumigation-free box

fumigation-free box

Product Details

The function of the fumigation-free box is to protect the inside of the product from damage and facilitate the transportation of the product.

So about wooden crates What are the methods of moisture protection?

One: is sealed The vacuum inside the packaging wooden box is used to complete the purpose of moisture prevention.

Two: no fumigation In order to reduce the loss of moisture in the packaged aquatic products and to achieve stable product performance, the package is packaged in a moisture-proof packaging material with moisture permeability.

Third, in order to reduce packaging The product absorbs moisture and a fixed amount of desiccant is placed in the packaging wooden box to absorb the moisture brought into the package during the packaging, and the humidity is kept within the set range. Commonly used desiccants are silica gel, molecular sieves, activated alumina, and the like. This method requires the wooden box to be sealed so that the middle of the wooden box is spaced from the outside air. This method is suitable for small and medium packages.

Four: Fumigation-free packaging The box continuously detects and controls the humidity of the controlled space, thereby keeping the humidity of the controlled space within the set range, and completing the purpose of drying and sealing the material equipment. This method is suitable for waterproof packaging of large products, and can be controlled by means of drying and condensation.



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