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Wood pallet manufacturers talk about their placement strategy

Wood pallet manufacturers talk about their placement strategy

As we all know, wooden pallets play an increasingly important role in the fields of modern transportation, containerization, stacking and loading and unloading. The wooden pallet is a platform device for loading goods and products, and its relatively large role is self-evident. Today, I want to share my experience with you. How to place a wooden pallet?

For the placement of wooden pallets, we need to define a concept: pallet stacking. The so-called pallet stacking means that we stack the goods on the pallet according to our own needs, and then use the forklift to unfold and stack the pallets. Due to the different goods, the stacking method is different.

Here we will introduce the different ways of placing wooden pallets:

Positive and negative

In the same layer, different columns are stacked vertically for 90 degrees, and the stacking method of two adjacent wooden pallets is 180 degrees for the other layer. This method is similar to the bricklaying method on buildings. The bite strength between different layers is high, and there is no heavy seam between adjacent layers, so the stability after stacking is high, but the operation is difficult, and between the packages The vertical faces are not bearing each other.

2. Rotating interlaced

The two adjacent packages on the same layer are at 90 degrees to each other, and the angle between the two layers is 180 degrees. In this way, the adjacent two layers are interlocked and the cargo compartment has high stability and is not easy to collapse. The disadvantage is that stacking is difficult, and the base forms holes, which reduces the power of the wooden pallet.

3. Interlaced

Adjacent placements are rotated 90 degrees, one layer is placed laterally and the other layer is placed longitudinally. There is a bite between each layer, but the bite strength is not high.

4. Overlapping

That is to say, the superposition method of each layer is the same, and the upper and lower layers correspond. The advantage of this method is that the workers operate relatively fast, and the packaged goods are stacked at the four corners and the edges vertically, and the carrying capacity is large. The disadvantage is that there is no occlusion between the layers and it is easy to collapse. In the case of large area small area cargo, the method has good stability. If combined with the corresponding fastening method, it can maintain stability and save labor costs for loading and unloading operations.

However, it is worth mentioning that the above arrangement is theoretical. The mistake that many warehouse workers are prone to is the disconnect between theory and reality. When we use wooden pallet packaging, we also need to package the actual personality of the item in order to achieve better performance.

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