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Introduction and advantages of Shandong wooden pallet

Introduction and advantages of Shandong wooden pallet

Shandong wooden pallets are still relatively common in our lives. Used for loading and unloading and consignment of goods, liberating both hands. When used, it can be said that it is more common. It is a traditional choice of the pallet industry, and the effect and effect are quite satisfactory.

The wooden pallets are made of logs. The drying tray is made of wood and the material is dry molded. Reduce the moisture content, clean the internal stress, and then carry out the finishing process such as cutting, planing, breaking, drawing, sanding, etc. to form the broken panel. A thimble with a drop-proof function (the housing has a nut structure) is used to join the profiles into a semi-finished tray. Finishing, anti-slip treatment and sealing wax treatment. Wooden pallets are now more commonly used pallets. A pallet is a horizontal platform device used to load goods and products as a unit for loading, stacking, transporting, and transporting containers. Generally it is made of wood, metal and fiberboard. Unit material and a small amount of material are easy to handle.

At present, the log materials of wood pallets in China mainly include pine wood, iron shirts, firs and other miscellaneous hardwoods. The performance of wooden pallets of different materials is also different. The moisture content of the wooden pallet is important for the comparison of the wooden pallet. When the moisture content is high, the wooden pallet is affected to be deformed, and even severe cracking may occur. The application of high wooden pallets has a special control over the water content. In the case of European wooden pallets, the European wooden pallet standard stipulates that the moisture content cannot exceed 22% of the quality of the wood in the dry state, while the range of 22 to 26% is defined as unreasonable, and the excess is unqualified.

Advantages of Shandong wooden pallet

1: Among the trays used, wooden pallets have better performance and can be reused.

2: The specifications of the wooden pallet can be customized, no need for the mold, and the material is convenient.

3: Beautiful appearance.

4: It has a relatively large carrying capacity and is very effective.

5: There are advantages in terms of price.

Whether in the automation industry or the general commodity processing industry, wooden pallets are selected for cargo turnover. Standardization of pallets can be used for investment purposes. The method of purchasing a standardized wooden pallet is relatively easy, and the maintenance is simple and easy to recycle, which can save a lot of transportation costs. Relevant personnel have made comparisons in the past. Wood pallet manufacturers use standard wood pallets to save costs compared to using non-standard wood pallets in each turnover and delivery process.

The purchase of wooden pallets at relatively low prices is not very good. It can be analyzed in this way. Although it plays a cost-saving role in the short term, it actually spends a lot of money on the company every year. Some companies use inexpensive wooden pallets for one-time delivery, but due to low production quality or lack of planning, depending on the correct transportation requirements of the goods, there is usually a relative impact on the transportation of the goods, causing great losses.

The above is the full content of the introduction and advantages of Shandong wooden pallets compiled by Zibo Tengchi Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., hope to help everyone.