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Raw materials and treatment of fumigation-free trays

Hello everyone, we bring you to know the raw materials and processing knowledge of the fumigation-free tray. The load can be equivalent to the wooden tray, but it can be directly exported. The strip-shaped plywood fumigation tray can choose different structures according to the different weight of the customer's products. Significantly reduce the export cost of the product. The knowledge is as follows:

1. The raw material of the fumigation-free tray is composite board or plywood. The raw material is processed under different high temperature and high pressure for different wood residual materials.

2. There are two main treatment methods: heat treatment and preparation fumigation. For heat treatment, the intermediate temperature of the wood should be 56oC for at least 30 minutes. For fumigation, the wood package needs to be fumigated for at least 16 hours at the seal of the specified dose and then placed in a ventilated area to reduce the fumigant concentration below the better concentration. After the above treatment, a clear, long-term mark should be made on both sides of each product in the visual position of the goods in the wooden package. This mark needs to be approved by the Plant Protection Convention to prove that wood packaging is regulated. The label needs to include an IPPC-specific label, an ISO standard country code, a number issued by the NPPO to the wood packaging manufacturer, and an abbreviation indicating the processing method. Non-fumigation tray products generally meet the entry and environmental requirements of countries all over the world, and can be cleared directly in the country of entry without any other formalities.

The fumigation-free tray (cleaning) method has a preparation and a heat treatment method, and the preparation is methyl bromide.

   1. The fumigation-free tray should be stacked neatly, covered with rayon cloth, and sealed on all sides, but a corner should be left as a preparation port.

2. Place a basin of water under the cloth and next to the goods and put the preparation into the water.

   3. Compress the reserved feed port so that the goods to be fumigated are kept in a relatively closed state for 24 hours.

4. Open the cloth to ventilate, then move the goods after the preparation is used up, about 18-24 hours.

   The above is the relevant materials for the fumigation-free trays and processing. I hope that I can help you. Please contact us if necessary!


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