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Fumigation procedures for inbound wood fumigation on fumigation wooden pallets

Hello everyone, we have the following knowledge about the procedures for fumigation of inbound wood for fumigation wooden pallets as follows:

1. Inspection items: After receiving the fumigation task, check the name and quantity of the fumigated goods according to the fumigation plan.

2. The fumigation of the inbound wood of the fumigation wooden pallet is directly called at 90 °C with the wall of the warehouse. The unloading silo is reserved. Each side of the wall of the warehouse is reserved for 1 meter wide passage. The height limit of the warehouse is 4 meters and the length is 40 meters. .

3. Measure the stacking volume in the bin and use it as a fumigation volume.

4. Turn on the air blower to confirm the fumigation position.

5, cover the tabernacle, staggered and compacted with strip sandbags, fixed windshield, check the integrity of the tabernacle (with or without damage, slash) and blast again vacant, check the degree of containment.

6. Clean the air in the warehouse (the exhaust fan) with the cover of the curtain to minimize the amount of air in the warehouse.

7. The control chamber is preset to set the temperature of the gasifier water bath to 50 to 60 °C.

8. The control room presets the dosage to be administered.

9. The inbound wood fumigation control room of the fumigation wooden tray is preset with a cycle time (2 hours).

10. Start the set temperature and concentration active detection and recording system.

11. Place the preparation cylinder on the electronic scale and connect it to the gasifier. Slowly open the valve of the preparation cylinder and close the valve after half a minute. It is necessary to check the airtightness of the connection tube. After confirming that there is no leakage, slowly open the valve of the preparation cylinder again and open the gasifier to make the preparation knife. At the same time, press the button of the preparation to start the preparation, and the speed of the preparation is controlled to not exceed 0.2 MPA.

12. The control room and the operator hold the portable tester, perform the required airtightness test on the channel joint of the control room, the blower, etc., and test within 50 meters around the fumigation chamber, and check at 2 hour intervals. Environmental concentration.

13. After the formulation is finished, the cylinder valve should be closed.

14. When the difference between the concentrations of A and B in the warehouse is <5%, the="" concentration="" in="" the="" bin="" is="" uniform,="" and="" the="" cycle="" can="" be="" closed,="" and="" the="" sealing="" is="" carried="" out="" for="" 24="">

15. Fumigation of inbound wood fumigation on fumigation wooden pallets. The whole process of fumigation is carried out at intervals.

16. Concentration detection: After 24 hours of correct formulation, the concentration in the test chamber should be about 50% of the initial dosage.


The above is the information on the fumigation of inbound wood for fumigation wooden pallets. Welcome to buy.