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Wood used for building blocks

The use of building square wood panels, pine wood is a kind of wood that we are not familiar with, but the use of wood logs by the construction wood manufacturers will let us know. Now let us know the specific content.

In life, the use of building square wood is more. As long as we look closely in life, it is not difficult to find. In the research of raw materials in the timber market, in civil construction projects, the wood side often uses corrugated wood to make concrete templates, which play a role in fixing the formwork.

In terms of house decoration, building wood is often regarded as a wooden keel, including floor decoration, which plays a more important role.

Construction timber manufacturers have introduced building blocks as pillar materials in ancient and furniture production. Building wood often serves as the backbone of many furniture and plays a supporting role. At the same time, the building wood usually plays a role in earthquake resistance during the construction of the earth. Therefore, in life, the building timber plays a decisive role in civil engineering.

The finished product can be processed as edible fungus, or can be made into granules, used in combustion boilers, or can be made into different plates: high density board, particle board, sawdust board, MDF; also can be used for paper making, granulation, mechanical charcoal, etc.

If you need wood processing, you will need processing equipment. The construction of the square wood manufacturers, but the specific circumstances of the specific analysis, this would like to see what our finished materials (grinding good materials) in the end, if the finished product does not need to be processed, can be used as a flower medium or garden foundation.

If you want the wood plate to maintain a beautiful posture, the wood plate is a beautiful and artistic art wood building material. Now it is mainly used in home decoration, and some decorative items, but many people find that over time The color of the logboard will change and the original effect will be lost. How can we keep the building squares intact?

1. Apply a layer of protective paint on the wood board to reduce the contact between the wood and the outside air, or use a soaking solution. As long as it is done, it can be better protected. One is dry and the other is sealed.

2. There are some microorganisms in the wood, and their growth will also damage the logs. We can use plastic seals or chemical treatments.

3. Reduce the strong ultraviolet light to directly irradiate it.

4. It is also possible to carry out a series of acid-base treatment, boiling and heating of the log board, and better use the wood oxidant to reduce the active enzymes. These methods can maintain the sleek and beautiful appearance of the log board.