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Fumigation-free box manufacturing attention

Hello everyone, the items that are frequently used, for the convenience of later use, so we need to be prepared at the time of manufacture. Let us introduce the matters concerning the manufacture of fumigation-free packaging , as follows:

Fumigation-free packaging box production precautions

1. Box corner loopholes should not be too large.

The hole in the corner of the box is too large, which will reduce the waterproof and moisture-proof function of the fumigation-free box. Through practical use, for some export wooden boxes, most of them need to travel longer at sea. If the corner of the box is too large, the contents of the cargo are very susceptible to moisture. Normally, for a self-sealing wooden box, the diameter of the corner leak should not exceed 5 mm.

2. It should be a good flexibility for the position of the wooden box.

If the bending resistance of the wooden box press line is poor, it may cause cracks in the indentation portion of the wooden box. Therefore, the factory has a better wooden box pressure line bending resistance test project. The inspection method is to form a wooden box bracket, open and close the cover 270 degrees, three times back and forth, the board, lignin without cracks. Different products and packaging machines have different requirements for wooden box design, process and precision. When designing a wooden box, we should understand the actual packaging of the customer in order to achieve the customer's packaging requirements without causing excessive quality.

3. The surface of the wood surface of the fumigation-free packaging box should have a certain roughness.

When stacking wooden boxes, it is often found that some wooden boxes with a high surface smoothness and heavy contents cannot be sucked out. The reason is that the wooden box with high surface smoothness has insufficient friction with the wooden base, and the wooden box cannot be picked up. Therefore, in this case, it is recommended to consider the use of rough-surfaced boards instead of making fumigation-free boxes.

The above is the information about the manufacture of the fumigation-free packaging box. I hope that I can help you. Please contact us if necessary!