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Introduction to fumigation wooden boxes

1. Fumigation wooden box fumigation has two methods: chemical preparation and heat treatment. The general method of fumigation of the following chemicals:

1. Stack the fumigation items neatly, cover with a razor cloth, press on all sides, seal, and leave a corner as the addition port.

2. Place a basin of water under the tarpaulin next to the cargo and place the preparation in the water.

3. Compress the mouth of the reserved preparation to make the fumigated goods seal better for 24 hours.

4. Open the toilet cloth for ventilation and move the items when the bad gas is discharged, about 18-24 hours.

2. How to fix the products in the fumigation wooden box

How to fix fumigation wooden box products in wooden box packaging is a big problem. A good fixing method can greatly increase the safety of the product during transportation. Otherwise, the fixed wooden box packaging will also damage the product.

Lightweight products can be fixed in a wooden box. The upper part of the product, that is, the bottom of the cover, is covered with thick wooden strips to make the product and the overall base form a whole, so that the product can be safely transported. Transported.

Heavy-duty products and heavy machinery packaging must be relatively stable. The product and the bottom screw fixing method, which is a better fixing method, is safe and stable. This iron-fixed method uses iron blocks to form a relative angle with the product and is fixed to the wooden base to stabilize the product.

How to choose a fumigation wooden box

For the needs and users of most fumigation wooden box packaging, the traditional industry of wooden box packaging has not received much attention. Because the productivity of wooden box packaging is not high, the technology is not high, and it is restricted by the environment, it belongs to the primary production and processing industry. Therefore, most people think that the packaging product of wooden box packaging is not particular, and there is not much too deep technical content, which causes Not too much attention is paid to product packaging. And this small lack of attention, may make the product a small loss in the transportation process. The packaging of wooden boxes, the initial link in the transportation process, the quality of the packaging is directly related to the safety of the product transportation process. It is hoped that users will choose a wooden box packaging enterprise reasonably. On the other hand, a good packaging company will not increase the price of the whole packaging because of the increase in the cost of the enterprise, but will provide customers with better product packaging solutions.