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How to distinguish the characteristics of European standard wooden pallets

After using some sort of European standard wooden pallet, we will all say, how is the quality, good or bad, then how to evaluate the quality of the wooden pallet when using it? let's figure it out together.

1, the quality of the use of wooden pallets: This is a more intuitive aspect, such as such a sheet, when used, the quality certificate is his carrying capacity, if the bearing capacity is better deteriorated, this can be said to be his The quality is good.

2, the performance of the European standard wood pallet environmental protection: Of course, the quality of the board is not only the bearing capacity used, the durability of the use, but also the performance of his environmental protection, under normal circumstances, In the case of quality, the board can also have better environmental protection performance, which is the better quality sheet.

The hot press equipment that produces it is an important equipment that the enterprise needs, which can greatly increase the production efficiency. However, when the equipment is used, there will always be a phenomenon of heat backflow, which affects the quality of the wooden mat. In order to solve this phenomenon of heat backflow, I will introduce some methods below.

1. Keep the same flow rate between the hot press and the material, and place the material capable of retaining heat on the bottom of the hot press, and then put it on the upper layer in turn. The upper and lower layers should be insulated with asbestos.

2. The hot platen of the compartment should be controlled separately by the hot platen. This method can generally achieve good results in different situations.

How do European standard wood pallet merchants check the quality of wooden pallets? Let's take a look at the small series of wooden pallet manufacturers.

Log materials: At present, the materials of wood pallets in China mainly include pine wood, iron shirts, firs and other miscellaneous hardwoods. Different materials represent different performances of pallets. It is clearly stated in the European Tray Standard that poplars cannot be used.

European standard wooden pallets are a common kind of pallets. Because they are wooden, they are relatively strong and easy to use. When we buy wooden pallets, we should learn to identify and check the authenticity of wooden pallets. Otherwise, there is a high probability that Be cheated.

1. When inspecting, use hot water to iron the European standard wooden tray to see if its surface will become dull. Is it uneven? If this is the case, it means that its quality is not good enough. Because a good wooden pallet should be more uniform in color, it will not be affected by hot water.

2, smell the smell of wooden tray, if there is odor after hot water, then do not buy.