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Fumigation-free packaging box manufacturing method

The fumigation-free box is made of natural wood. It has the advantages of high precision, no deformation, high strength, no screw, good fixability and so on. The fumigation-free box combines the advantages of traditional wood packaging and paper packaging. The product has a smooth surface, no fumigation, no inspection load and high water resistance. It can carry different export products and its appearance and performance are much better than natural wood packaging.

1. Method for making fumigation-free packaging box

Wooden box manufacturing

The wooden box consists of a base, front and rear panels, left and right panels and a cover panel. The base and cover are designed and manufactured according to the weight of the cargo, the height and level of the panels, and intermediate stress points. The front and rear panels and the left and right panels are manufactured by a common method.

The advantage is that the wooden box is relatively stable and can withstand the weight of equipment below 8 tons. In the production design, it is also designed and manufactured according to the size and weight of the goods supplied by the customer. In the production and packaging process, the fixedness of the goods is considered, so that the goods are not damaged during transportation, loading and unloading, and the goods are completely delivered to the destination.

2. No fumigation treatment of fumigation-free packaging

There are two main treatment methods: heat treatment and formulation fumigation. For heat treatment, the intermediate temperature of the wood should be 56 degrees and held for at least 30 minutes. For fumigation, the wood packaging needs to be fumigated for at least 16 hours at the seal of the specified dose and then placed in a ventilated area to reduce the fumigant concentration below the safe concentration.

After the above treatment, it is necessary to make a clear and long-term mark on both sides of the product in the visual position of the goods in the wood package. This mark needs to be approved by the Plant Protection Convention to prove that wood packaging is regulated.

Fumigation-free box labels need to include IPPC and use labels, ISO standard country codes, individual numbers issued by the Plant Protection Agency to the wood packaging manufacturer, and abbreviations indicating processing methods. The non-fumigation tray products meet the entry and environmental requirements of each country and can be directly cleared in the country of entry without any other formalities.