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The wooden pallet manufacturer tells you why the paint on the tray is white.

With the development of warehousing and logistics, we need to pay attention when purchasing pallets, so that we can make them use for a long time. Let's take a look at the reasons for the whitening of the pallets of wooden pallet manufacturers.

1. The wooden pallet manufacturer reminds you of the characteristics. During the construction and drying process of different volatile paints, the coating film is turbid, the gloss is reduced or even whitish.

2, the standard wooden tray reminds you of the reason

( 1) In the spraying construction, moisture is brought into the paint due to the failure of the oil-water separator.

( 2) A large amount of low-boiling thinner is used in the construction of quick-drying paint. The coating film will not only be white, but also porous and fine cracks.

( 3) The paint of quick-drying volatile paint is applied under the condition of low temperature and high humidity (about 80%). The wooden tray of Xuecheng District makes some water vapor condense on the surface of the coating film to form a white mist.

( 4) The water vapor condensed on the wet coating film is analyzed by the resin or the polymer portion in the coating film, and the coating film of the paint coating is caused to be white.

( 5) The base layer is wet or there is a lot of moisture in the tool.

3, wooden pallet manufacturers remind you to prevent

( 1) Before spraying, check the separation of oil and water, and do not leak water.

( 2) In the construction of quick-drying paint and coating, the matching thinner should be used, and the amount of diluent should not be too much.

( 3) Quick-drying volatile paints should not be applied in low temperature and high humidity environments.

( 4) The wooden pallet manufacturer adds a proper amount of moisture-proofing agent (anti-whitening agent) or butanol-type water repellent to the coating.

( 5) The base layer should be dried to remove moisture from the tool.

The reason for the whitening of the tray of the wooden pallet manufacturer mentioned above, please refer to the purchase!