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How to identify the quality of plywood in plywood pallets?

Hello everyone, we use more plywood trays to pay attention to the quality of the plywood. Only the better plywood can be used. The plywood tray with long time is as follows:

In addition to the appearance, the quality inside is also important when choosing a plywood tray. The plywood, also known as the plywood, has three plywoods, five plywoods and seven plywoods.

According to different situations, three splints are required: ash, eucalyptus and Liuan.

The following points should be grasped when choosing:

( 1) There are differences between the front and the back of the splint. Choose plywood tray size, plywood should have clear texture, smooth front, not rough and flat.

( 2) Plywood shall not be damaged, damaged, insects, nail holes, dead seams, plywood pallet manufacturers, burrs and other defects.

( 3) The plywood is not desorbed;

( 4) Some plywood is made of two different patterns of veneer glue. Therefore, when selecting plywood, attention should be paid to the tightness and unevenness of the joint. Plywood should not have two different lines, otherwise it will hinder reasonable use, cause waste, and affect the appearance of the product.

( 5) When selecting a splint, care should be taken to select a splint that does not disperse. A 50 cm wooden stick can be used to lift the plywood and tap each part. The sound is symmetrical and clear, basically equal to the inner panel, and is a better plate. If the "shell" is muted, the plywood tray may be due to quality defects inside, such as degumming or foaming. This paperboard can only be used as a lining or lower plate and cannot be used as a top plate.

( 6) When selecting the splint, attention should be paid to the coordination of the color of the wood and the color of the paint.

( 7) Under normal circumstances, there are grade marks on the face of ordinary plywood for reference.

The above is the relevant information on the quality selection of plywood for plywood pallets, hope to help you!