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Characteristics of Shandong wooden pallets

  Shandong wooden pallet: made of wood for product packaging and transportation. Wood is one of the earlier packaging containers used, and the amount of wood used in the packaging is inferior to the paper packaging container. The amount of wood packaging in developing countries is much larger than in developed countries. Therefore, wood packaging containers occupy a more important position in packaging containers.

Features: Wood packaging containers are still widely used because of its many, good characteristics:

1High mechanical strength, good rigidity, strong resistance to mechanical damage, and can carry relatively large Pallet load.

2The wooden container has good elasticity and good impact resistance, and is an ideal container for loading large and heavy products.

3 Wood has good corrosion resistance, no rust, no pollution to the contents, and is suitable for packaging corrosive chemical products.

4 Wood containers are easy to machine and can be made with very simple tools, and trial production and improvement are also relatively simple.

5 Wood packaging can be recycled, low packaging cost, and can be comprehensively used after disposal.

    6Wood containers are easy to hoist and stack during transportation and storage, making better use of available space.

7 Wooden containers made of plywood, which are aesthetically pleasing and durable, moisture resistant and moisture resistant.

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