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The use and classification of Zibo wooden pallets

Zibo wooden pallet, which is a pallet made of natural wood, now uses more trays. A pallet is a horizontal platform device for loading, stacking, handling, and transporting goods and articles that are unit loads. It is generally made of wood, metal and fiberboard, which is convenient for loading and unloading, handling unit materials and small quantities of materials. The types of trays are mainly wood, plastic, metal and other materials. Classification and precautions for wooden pallets?

Classification of Zibo wooden pallets

1. Column type wooden pallet. For this type of wood pallet, it can be divided into two types: fixed and non-detachable. The basic structure is that the four corners of the tray are steel columns, and the top of the tower can be rigidly connected with the beam to form a frame type. The secondary persuasion of the column tray is to maintain the stable weight of the column, and the stacking is to reduce the collapse of the goods placed on the tray during transportation and handling.

2, followed by this box-type wooden pallet. The common box tray is the main feature of the tray with side panels on all sides. After testing, some cabinets have top panels and some have no roof panels. The box board has three types: static type, folding type and detachable type. The left near fence has a plate type, a grid type and a net type. Therefore, the left side fence is a fence type box type tray, which is also called a cage tray or a warehouse hotel cage. The box tray protection is strong enough to prevent collapse and cargo damage; it can be loaded with goods that can not be undulated by stacking, and has a wide range of applications.

Zibo wooden tray considerations

1. In order to reduce the aging phenomenon of the tray, we should try to reduce the direct sunlight to the tray when using the tray, so that it can better increase the service life of the tray.

2. It is not allowed to throw the goods directly from the height to the plastic tray. The goods should be evenly distributed in the middle of the tray, not on the edge of the tray should be in the middle of the tray. Place the pallet on a flat surface and stack the cargo.

3. In order to reduce the phenomenon of broken or damaged Zibo wooden pallets due to gravity collision, it is not possible to directly throw the goods from the height to the tray.

4. When transporting the goods by forklift, make sure that the forklift is fully forked into the tray, and then lift the tray smoothly. In order to avoid damage to the side of the tray, it is strictly prohibited that the fork will hit the side of the tray.

5. If you want to use the Zibo wooden pallet for loading, you should use the shelf type pallet. The weight it can carry is determined by its shelf structure, and the weight of the cargo is within the range it can carry.