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Decorative function and identification of building square

The decoration of the building block is used as the wooden keel (including the roof keel and the floor keel); in the civil engineering, the corrugated wood concrete formwork is mainly used; it is mainly used for the manufacture of the ceiling, the partition wall and the solid wood floor skeleton.

Selection method of building square

In the decoration, the production of square wood accounts for a large part, so the choice of square wood is more important. Choosing a better wooden side has a great influence on the quality of home decoration. Therefore, when purchasing wood, you should carefully choose and pay attention to quality.

The wood moisture content is generally between 8% and 12%, and cracking and warpage do not occur during use. Usually, the wood moisture content is related to the wood drying method. The drying result by steam drying method is better. If you have other instruments, you can also test.

In addition to this, there are some simple and easy ways:

1. Weighing method: The wood can be weighed by hand. If the water content is large, it will be heavy.

2. Touch: Put your hand on the top of the wooden side and feel its humidity.

3. Knocking nail method: long nails can be nailed into the wood as much as possible. If it is easy to nail, it means that the wood is dry, and vice versa, the humidity is high.

4. Moving method: The building square can be shaken from one end. If the quality is unqualified, it is easy to split it into two halves from the middle.

5. Viewing the law: How many knots does a wooden square have from start to finish? If the knot is black, it will not work. Easy to damage during installation.

Quality elements of building blocks (note pests)

Wood is often affected by pests during storage, transportation and use. The natural enemies of wood are termites, beetles and elephants. If the wood is not properly protected, it will be damaged by these pests and affect the quality of the wood.

It is recommended that when used outdoors, it should be soaked with preservatives to allow the preservative to penetrate into the wood fiber, so that the wood turns green from the inside out, resists corrosion and is resistant to insects.

Hello everyone, the above is the decoration function and identification related information about the construction of the building blocks, I hope to help everyone!