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European standard wooden pallet correct drying and preservation method

European standard wooden pallet , which has the characteristics of simple production, high strength, local material, good durability, certain elasticity, ability to withstand impact and vibration, and relatively cheap price. Wood packaging is in modern logistics, storage, and different production enterprises. It is used in the middle, where wooden pallets are common. Because of the wooden pallets, the wooden crates are made of solid wood or multi-layer boards. Since the wood itself has moisture, how to make wooden pallets is important for the drying of the wood packaging.

1. European standard wood pallets are mainly carried out on the surface where dry materials are required due to evaporation of moisture. Therefore, the dry area of dry materials plays an important role in drying. Drying efficiency is proportional to the dry area. The thicker the dry material is deposited, the smaller the drying area, the slower the drying speed and vice versa.

2. Drying speed

Drying should be controlled at the set speed. During the drying process, the surface moisture evaporates relatively quickly, and the intermediate moisture diffuses to the surface to continue to evaporate. If the drying speed is too fast, if the temperature is too high, the surface moisture of the material will evaporate too quickly, and the intermediate moisture will not diffuse to the surface, causing the surface particles to adhere to each other or melt the conjunctiva, thereby reducing the diffusion and evaporation of water in the middle. Drying is not ideal, resulting in external drying, so that the material is not used for a long time.

3. European standard wooden tray drying method

The materials that need to be dried during the drying process can be static or dynamic. The dry material in the oven or oven is static, the dry area of the material is small, and the drying efficiency is poor. If the dry material is in a state of tumbling or suspension, if the fluidized drying method separates the powder particles from each other during drying, the drying area is increased, so the drying efficiency is high.

4. European standard wooden pallet temperature

As the temperature increases, the evaporation rate increases and the amount of evaporation increases, which is good for drying. However, the appropriate drying temperature should be chosen according to the nature of the dry material to reduce the destruction of certain components.

5. European standard wooden pallet humidity

The drying space has a relatively high relative humidity, a long drying time, and a low drying efficiency. To this end, the drying chamber and the oven often use an air blower to update the airflow in the dry space to avoid saturation of the relative humidity of the drying chamber and to stop evaporation.

6. European standard wooden pallet pressure

Pressure is inversely proportional to evaporation, so decompression is a better means of changing evaporation conditions and accelerating drying. When the dried extract is prepared by vacuum drying, the drying temperature can be lowered to accelerate the evaporation rate, and the product is loose and brittle; the active ingredient is not easily broken, and the solvent can be recovered at the same time.