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How to reduce moisture in European standard wooden pallets

First, the reason why the European standard wooden pallet is wet

1. When mopping the floor, the mop is not wrung out, there will be wet water, and the moisture may turn black.

2. Install the plumbing below, the water will penetrate, and the wooden pallet will be wet.

3. The wet water of the wooden pallet caused by the moisture of the outer wall seepage.

Summary: Wood pallets are wood products. After the wet water will turn black, then you need to use the wooden pallet moisture pad.

Second, the European standard wooden tray moisture pad is good

1, the moisture resistance of the wooden pallet moisture-proof pad function

Since the moisture barrier is waterproof, it can function as a moisture barrier. The wooden pallet moisture barrier is the interlayer between the floor and the ground. Lay close to the ground to protect against moisture, protect the floor, increase flexibility, and find equality on the ground.

2, the warmth of the wooden pallet moisture pad

The installation of wooden pallet moisture-proof mats at home can make the home look warmer and warmer.

Third, the use of European standard wooden pallet moisture pad

1. In order to avoid the water vapor on the wall from being transmitted to the wooden pallet, when laying the wooden pallet moisture-proof pad, not only the entire wooden keel should be covered, but also the anti-wood pallet moisture-proof pad should be left up along the corner of the wall for about 10CM. At the same time, 8-12CM expansion joints should be left between the wooden pallet and the wall. If the stickers are too close, the floor will be easy to arch after being inflated.

2. In the process of using the wooden pallet, keep the floor dry and clean, and put a waterproof non-slip mat on the floor of the toilet and kitchen.

3. It is ideal to keep the water content of the floor between 8% and 13%.

Fourth, the European standard wooden pallet moisture pad is thicker, the better?

1. When laying the laminate floor, it should be noted that the thicker the cushion, the better. The thicker the mat, the larger the rotating space. Excessive elasticity causes cracks in the floor joints and even breaks of the eyes.

2. When the moisture barrier is too thin and the elasticity is poor, the moisture-proof buffering result is relatively weak, and the proper leveling effect cannot be exerted, and the foot feels bad.

3. The European standard wooden pallet mat is the one layer laid between the ground and the floor. So the moisture barrier is not as thick as possible.