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The difference between fumigation-free trays and fumigation trays

Delivery time

From the delivery date, the fumigation-free tray is convenient. It saves production and delivery time. It can usually be done in 1-3 days. It does not require a fumigation procedure and can be exported directly. Another reason is that it is not limited by time. The fumigation period is only 21 days.

2. Material selection

From the selection and analysis, the fumigation-free trays are made of fumigation-free composite materials such as plywood, MDF and particleboard, and are processed with solid wood such as pine, hardwood or poplar.

3. Product quality

Plywood is made of aspen wood. High hardness, not easy to break, but poor hardness and bending resistance. Solid wood pallets have a slightly higher hardness than plywood but are easily broken.

4. Appearance

The top plate of the non-fumigation tray is mostly an integral panel, and there is a gap between the top panels of the wooden tray, with a gap of 3-6 cm between each panel .

5. Purchasing costs

The price of fumigation-free trays will be lower than that of fumigated wooden pallets, as each wooden pallet should be fumigated and cleaned and a fumigation certificate needs to be processed. The cost of fumigation per dish is increased by about 5-15 yuan, which makes the fumigation-free tray cost-effective.

In fact, both wood treatment methods are used for wood cleaning. The fumigated wooden pallet is the name of a fumigation-treated wooden pallet. The fumigation treatment is to fumigate the wooden tray with water (the main component is odorous methane) in the fumigation chamber. During the process, at least 50 meters around the tray should not be close for 48 hours.

The heat-treated wooden pallet is used to kill wood against wood at high temperatures in the heat treatment chamber. The intermediate temperature of the wood should be at least 70 degrees Celsius for 15 hours. The code is HT. Therefore, IPPCs with HT marking are now commonly seen on wooden pallets, which represent heat treated wooden pallets.

Fumigation-free trays combine the advantages of traditional wood packaging and paper packaging. The product has a smooth surface, no fumigation, no inspection load, high water resistance, and can carry different export products. Its appearance and performance are much better than the natural wood packaging used in the past, which is conducive to increasing the grade of export products, reducing complicated processes and procedures such as fumigation and commodity inspection, increasing work efficiency and increasing foreign trade exports. Currently, it is a good choice for export trays!

The above is the relevant information about the difference between the fumigation-free tray and the fumigation wooden tray. I hope that I can help you. Please contact us if necessary!