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Shandong wood pallet raw materials

Nowadays, the development of logistics has led to an increase in the use of storage pallets. The use of pallets has brought great convenience to people. The Shandong wooden pallets will be applied to the storage of goods in warehouses, the transportation of logistics, and the weight of products and the distance of transportation are Different,

Wood is not only a natural material used by people in the early days, but also a renewable and naturally degrading biological resource for the world's four major materials (steel, cement, wood and plastic). It has the characteristics of small volume, high strength, vibration resistance, low thermal conductivity, good electrical insulation, impact resistance, good durability, good elasticity, good toughness, beautiful wood characteristics and texture, green hygiene and convenient processing. Make it a good building material and decorative material indoors and outdoors. In addition, wood is also a green building material due to the reproducibility of wood. With the depletion of the world's forest resources, as a renewable resource, the rational use of wood should first be compatible with the sustainable development of forests, in order to maintain the world's natural ecological balance, increase the life of wood, and save forest resources has always been people. the goal that is pursued. Modern wood and construction industry.

Compared with ordinary materials, Shandong wooden pallets are mainly composed of pine pallets, poplar pallets and hardwood pallets. These solid wood pallets are very strong due to the material themselves, so when they are made into planks for pallet splicing, they will keep the entire splice plate very thick and allow for more heavy cargo operations.

Shandong wooden pallets generally have two methods of constructing structures. The wood can be made into strips that are arranged in order on the base. One of them is used directly on the front of the wood cutting size. They all have their own characteristics. This kind of solid wood pallet is very popular in the transportation industry because of its strong material and can carry more goods, and the Shandong wooden pallet can be used for a long time. It is more convenient to transport goods and save a lot of time.

The above information on the selection of Shandong wooden pallets hopes to help you!