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Different use of fumigation-free boxes

Fumigation boxes are also known as transport- free fumigation boxes . Mainly for the convenience of transportation, handling and storage. Generally, wooden boxes and corrugated solid wood trays are used, and tin barrels or white iron barrels can also be used.

Fumigation-free boxes are also known as retail fumigation-free boxes and sales of fumigation-free boxes. It protects the quality of the blade and has an ornamental value that is easy to advertise, display and sell. Easy to carry.

There are a wide variety of fumigation-free boxes, which can be divided into hard non-fumigation boxes, semi-hard non-fumigation boxes and soft non-fumigation boxes depending on the material. For example, hard non-fumigation boxes include iron cans, tin cans, ceramic bottles, glass bottles and craft wooden boxes, bamboo boxes, craft engraved gold-plated boxes, etc. Semi-rigid non-fumigation boxes have different cardboard boxes; soft non- Fumigation boxes have different cardboard boxes. Paper bags, plastic food bags and different summer bags can be designed according to different needs, and the non-fumigation box is designed with suitable materials.

Fumigation-free boxes come in the following categories:

1. Packing box: It is suitable for packaging of different goods and products, which is economical.

2. Sliding wooden box: suitable for packaging and transportation of large machinery, electromechanical products or heavy equipment, production lines.

3. Lattice box: It is suitable for the transportation and packaging of large plastic parts, cloth or automobile glass in China.

4. Shell: It is a new type of packaging that can be reused. Suitable for packaging of irregular products such as fasteners, metal balls and stampings. It is a good choice for packaging products exported to Europe.

5. Plywood box: suitable for packaging and transportation of general merchandise. The total loading quality of a single box is generally not recommended to exceed 2 tons.

The above is the information about the different use of the fumigation-free packaging box, I hope to help everyone. Please contact us if you need, our product quality is better, please choose us with confidence, we will help you with your service!