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The advantages of European standard pallets in import and export

The European standard pallet is a European standard pallet.

Hello everyone, let's take a look at the knowledge about the advantages of European standard pallets in import and export. The information is as follows:

Available in two sizes: 1200mm*800mm and 1200mm*1000mm. Among them, 1200mm*800mm is suitable for Europe, Germany and France. 1200mm*1000mm, suitable for the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland.

What are the advantages of the European standard pallet uniform size standard? The following is a brief introduction:

1. Low tax rate: According to the EU law on the reduction of packaging waste, the EU imposes a high tax rate on the disposal of non-reusable pallets, which is undoubtedly not included in the European standard pallets.

2. Management system: Under the strict management of EPAL, the manufacture and maintenance of the European standard pallets follow the global uniform standards to ensure long-term safe use.

3. Business value: Reusable European standard pallets have a relatively large commercial value for goods entering Europe and the United States. They can be transferred directly to the next customer for continued use and exchanged with other European standard pallets.

4. Function: Many European warehouses and logistics companies have automatic processing systems that only accept process-critical, officially tested European standard pallets. When goods transported on other pallets arrive at these companies, they need to be replaced with European standard pallets, resulting in significant cost and time loss. Most high value or dangerous goods are usually handled by European equipment companies.

5. Environmental protection: In addition to the concept of environmental protection and sustainable use of resources, the European standard pallet has higher requirements on the material of the pallet. The aluminum alloy tray is an ideal material. It is lightweight and can be recycled. And the tray is used in many places, low temperature resistance, no rust, adapt to harsh environment, and the outlet does not need fumigation. More in line with EU standards for pallets.

The above is the information on the advantages of the European standard tray in the import and export, I hope to help you, if you have any needs, please contact us, we will be happy to help you!