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Advantages of the pallets of wooden pallet manufacturers:

1. The wooden pallet manufacturer has good waterproof function, simple production process and low cost;

2, can replace the wooden tray, the application adaptability is good.

3. Exports are free of fumigation, disinfection-free, visa-free, and convenient for entry and exit;

4. The product has better appearance than the wooden pallet, and has high compression resistance and high load-bearing function;

5, can be better to reduce the standard wood pallet manufacturers wood knots, insects, color, humidity defects.

The benefits of wooden pallets

1. The use of wooden pallets will make the warehouses for stacking goods relatively neat and orderly, which makes the warehouse have more space and also facilitates the management of warehouse managers.

2. The wooden pallet can make the goods better classified, so that there is a relatively fixed compartment between different goods, so that they are not affected by each other.

3. It allows users to transport more goods at once. The use of pallets from wooden pallet manufacturers not only reduces labor input, but also increases efficiency.

The weight and quality of pallets from wooden pallet manufacturers

Wood pallet manufacturers' wooden pallets are mainly divided into three categories: heavy, light and standard. Their classification is mainly based on their quality. The heavier the cargo, the heavier the weight of the wooden pallet itself. The heavier the wooden pallet, the better the quality? Before we begin to solve this problem, we first need to find out the factors that affect the quality of the wooden pallet. Only in this way can we understand the relevant properties of wooden pallets. The main factor affecting the quality of wood pallets is the layout and weight of the pallets. If the distribution is the same, it can be explained that the heavier the weight of the wooden pallet itself, the better the quality of the wooden pallet.

The pallets of wooden pallet manufacturers are more waterproof and moisture-proof. Nowadays, the appearance of wooden pallets solves the problem of waterproof and moisture-proof. The customization of wooden pallets allows more friends to recognize its advantages and characteristics, thus bringing the user's application. Rest assured.