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Shandong wooden pallet tells you the design of wooden pallet

Shandong wooden pallets are the auxiliary manufacturers of cargo pallets. We reasonably design the size, material and shape specifications of wooden pallets according to the characteristics of the cargo, transportation and storage conditions. The following relevant personnel gave you a detailed introduction to the ten wooden pallet design requirements.

First, the wood floor is like green moss, it is easy to slip, and the concrete wood material is used as the floor. Consideration should be given to the use of metal mesh anti-slip on the floor or the use of concrete wood as the floor.

Second, the wood used for long-distance transportation of logistics, due to the relatively severe environmental impacts such as stability, humidity, etc., should pay attention to the cracking, anti-over, and bending phenomenon of the wood.

Third, from the protection of the environment and convenient maintenance, we should try to choose wood with good durability, or pressurize the wood with preservatives with low environmental pollution.

Fourth, Shandong wooden pallets In addition to the use of rough-processed wooden flooring in natural parks, other locations should use wood that has been warped by warping as a pavement.

5. Determine the thickness of the pavement material and the pitch of the keel according to the load requirements. Usually these two indicators vary depending on the type and grade of wood.

Sixth, in order to reduce the problem of expansion of the wooden board after the paving, the gap of the mat should be set to 5mm.

Seventh, the bottom layer of the floor should be graded to reduce the retention of rain, the ground should not be sealed, and it can be frequently ventilated. To reduce the swelling of the floor.

8. The floor and keel are different depending on the type of wood used, but the fixing parts are also different, but the screws or screws with corrosion resistance should be used, and the length should be 2.5 times of the thickness of the floor . Moreover, the fixed keel is full of corroded L gold fittings, threaded bolts and nuts.

9. Shandong wood pallets are made of natural wood, which will have thrift and cracks on the material. In order to effectively protect and utilize resources and maintain environmental balance, these woods should be used in relatively concealed areas.

X. Shandong wooden pallets protect the surface of the wood and maintain its beauty (such as anti-corrosion, anti-fouling, and the knots on the wood, cracks can be coated with waterproofing agent, surface protection agent. And should be painted every two years Agent.

The above is the relevant information about the pallet design of Shandong wooden pallets. I hope that it can help you with your purchase. Please contact us if you need it! We will serve you well!