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Talk about European standard wooden pallets

European Standard Wood The pallet, as the name suggests, is the wooden pallet used in Europe (here Europe includes Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Northern Europe, Central Europe, etc.). The size of the European standard wooden pallet is 1200*800mm, and the wooden pallet structure is one. Kind, can only be a four-way fork, compared to the H American wooden pallet, the work is a bit complicated;

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The European standard wooden pallet is also called EPAL wooden pallet. It can be made of logs, ie solid wood or plywood. The European standard wood pallets have a uniform standard, even the size of the pallet nails, regardless of its size, the type of wood and the moisture of the wood itself. And how many nails need to be standardized, which explains from another angle that the European standard pallet is more adaptable, which is mainly reflected in its commercial value. The reason why the European standard pallet is in Europe and America. The reason that the dealers in the district prefer is that Tucker can reuse it, and can transfer it directly to the next customer to continue to use it. It can also be exchanged with other European standard pallets, which can be recycled, which is the wooden pallet I mentioned before. Standardize this definition.

So what are the characteristics of the European standard wooden pallet?

The European standard wooden pallet is printed with the EPAL and EUR logo on the top corner of the tray. The middle corner pier is covered with the IPPC disinfection treatment mark. However, there are not many manufacturers that export the stamp cover. Some parts only have the IPPC logo, so what company can have the EPAL logo? In order to obtain EPAL pallets, pallet nails, pallet repairer licenses, you must apply to EPAL, and you will be able to issue a license after confirming that you have the appropriate capabilities and passed the inspection of the world-wide quality inspection agency, Swiss General Public Notary (SGS). The license is valid for one year and needs to be re-qualified before the expiration. Each batch of products needs to pass the strict inspection of SGS before it can be shipped. When the pallet is in circulation, the user will judge whether the pallet needs to be repaired or eliminated according to the uniform standard.