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Five packaging details of fumigation wooden boxes

Five packaging details of fumigation wooden boxes

Nowadays, the role of fumigation wooden boxes in industrial transportation is becoming more and more important, and the packaging of wooden boxes is more important. Although wooden boxes are more "cumbersome", careful production can reduce a lot of better. Trouble, the use of wooden boxes. The following Jinan Hualin Woodware Factory tells you about the five packaging details of the wooden box.

1. The pressure line should be clear, the pressure line and the slot position are accurate.

Unlike manual packaging, the automatic packaging equipment for wooden crates requires a high level of crimping and grooving for wooden crates. In manual packaging, the unfavorable factors affecting the natural molding of the manual packaging, such as indentation, indentation position, etc., can be manually corrected. The automatic filling is mainly done by the nozzle, the baffle rod and the clamping rod, and does not have the forming correction function. Therefore, it is necessary to process the wooden crates. Ensure that the wooden box is indented and easily bent into a wooden box. It does not appear to be damaged or crow's feet. In addition, the accuracy of the grooving and press-in is not allowed to exceed 2 mm. In order to facilitate the automatic packaging device to erect wooden crates, some foreign wooden box machinery manufacturers have recently introduced a technology called pre-clamping. The process is to install a pre-folding device on the automatic cartoner, folding one or three platens at a time. This reduces the resistance to re-folding of the crimping line, making it easier for the automated packaging line to straighten the wooden crates.

2. The corner of the cabinet should not be too large

Automatic packaging generally has two methods: glue sealing method and tape sealing method. Unlike manual "I" seals, rubber seals and tape seals do not seal the corners of the box. If the box angle is too large, it will weaken the waterproof and moisture-proof function of the wooden box. Most of the exported goods are shipped to the place of delivery by container, and during sea voyages, the goods are not sealed by glue seal boxes and tape seal boxes. The air humidity in the cabinet can reach 93%. If the corner leak is too large, the goods inside are very susceptible to moisture. Typically, for self-sealing wooden crates, the leak at the corner should not exceed 5 mm.

3. The surface of the wooden box should be suitable for sealing with transparent glue.

Some brands of cardboard boxes have a high surface sizing degree, which tends to cause the scotch tape to stick badly. Therefore, when the product box is loaded, the tape is easily peeled off, so that the sealing is not very good. Usually for the use of wood, a tape test should be carried out. The specific method is to take a medium-viscosity transparent tape, stick it on the box board, and then peel off the tape to join the box board. If the boards are separated, the surface of the board is torn off together after tearing, indicating that the board is suitable for tape sealing. If they are easily separated, the surface of the torn plate is not damaged, indicating that the plate is not suitable for sealing with tape.

4. Wood surface roughness

Some automatic packaging machines also include automatic stacking systems for stacking wooden boxes, but in the process, we have found that some wooden boxes with high surface flatness and heavy contents cannot be absorbed. The reason is that wooden boxes with a high surface finish cannot produce sufficient friction with the wood base to pry the wooden box. In this case, we might consider choosing a rough surface wood instead.

5. Flatness

Some beverage packaging is packaged in a wooden cardboard heat shrink film. When packaged in an automatic packaging line, a piece of wood is sucked in by the nozzle at one time, folded and bonded to the card board, then bottled and sealed. If the plate is bent to a relative extent, the nozzle will suck a few pieces at a time. Therefore, the board after me has a high degree of smoothness.

The above five details are the problems that should be noticed when the packaging personnel of Zibo Tengchi Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. carry out the packaging work of fumigation wooden boxes. It is more important to grasp these details.