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What are the common types of Shandong wooden pallets?

What are the common types of Shandong wooden pallets?

It is generally made of wood, metal and fiberboard, which is convenient for loading and unloading, handling unit materials and small quantities of materials. Today, Xiaobian has compiled some common knowledge about the types of Shandong wooden pallets for you:

1, flat tray

The flat tray is basically synonymous with the tray. As long as the tray is mentioned, it generally refers to the flat tray. Because the flat tray is used in a wide range, the quantity is relatively large, and the versatility is better.

1 Classification according to structure and usage. There are four types of single-sided, double-sided single-use, double-sided dual-purpose and airfoil; 2 according to the forklift launching method, there are three types: one-way insert type, two-way insert type, four-way insert type;

3 Classification according to materials. There are five types of wooden flat trays, steel flat trays, plastic flat trays, composite flat trays, and paper trays.

2, column tray

The column trays are divided into fixed trays and movable trays. The basic structure of the tray is a steel column with four corners. The upper ends of the columns can be connected to the frame by beams. The main function of the column tray is to use the column support weight and stack it up high. The second is to prevent the goods on the pallet from collapsing during transportation and loading and unloading.

three. Cassette tray

The cassette tray is a tray with side panels on all four sides. Some boxes have roofs and some have no roofs. The box board is divided into three types: fixed type, folding type and mobile type. There are plates, fences and nets around the fence, so the box trays with fences are also called cage trays or cages. The box tray has a strong protective capacity to prevent the collapse and damage of the goods. It can load goods with special shapes and unstable stacking, and has a wide range of applications.

Four. Wheeled tray

Wheeled pallets have more small wheels than cylindrical pallets and box pallets. Therefore, the wheeled tray has the advantages of short moving distance, self-loading or rolling up and down. They are widely used and their applicability is compared.

Wooden pallet classification:

Solid wood pallets (poplar pallets, pine pallets, miscellaneous pallets, etc.) and plywood pallets (no fumigation pallets);

Poplar tree species: It is a broad-leaved tree species with loose and soft materials and poor durability. It is suitable for manufacturing low-load pallets. The price is relatively low. Pine: Coniferous species, many types, a wide range of applications. Larix gmelinii has a rough texture, hard wood and moderate price. It is one of the more commonly used trays. White pine and red pine are delicate in texture, white in color and beautiful in appearance. Most of them are used to make beautiful packaging and the price is very high.

Hardwood species: hardwood species, wood hardness. Eucalyptus, birch, eucalyptus and willow are commonly used sawdust for pallet manufacturing. The texture is dense, the wood is hard and heavy, and the bearing capacity is good. But the large materials are few and the price is moderate.