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Common application areas of fumigation wooden pallets

Fumigation wooden pallets have the functions of container loading, stacking, handling and transporting, so wood Most of the application areas of pallets are concentrated in industries with high convection requirements. So today, An Shunda will introduce you to the common application areas of the wooden pallet:


1. Aviation fumigation wooden pallets. Air freight or baggage pallets are usually made of aluminum alloy. In order to adapt to the restrictions of different aircraft N and hatch doors, flat pallets are generally made, and the items on the pallets are fixed by network cover.

Second, flat glass pallets. Also known as flat glass pallets. The tray can support and secure the standing flat glass, and the flat glass is placed in the transport direction during shipment to maintain the stability of the pallet load.

3. Wooden pallets for oil drums. It is a special-shaped flat tray for shipping standard oil drums. The trays are double-sided. Both sides have stable surface or side baffles of the oil drums. The oil drums are placed on the trays. Due to the action of the wave grooves or baffles, A rolling displacement will occur. At the same time, it can also be stacked several times to solve the problem that the barrel is not good for stacking and stacking, and it is convenient for storage.

Fourth, shelf-style fumigation wooden pallets. The structural feature is a frame-shaped tray, the front surface of the frame is slightly wider than the flat tray, so that the tray can be placed in the rack, and the depth of the rack is wider than the size of the wooden tray, so that the tray can be placed on the rack. There are four legs in the lower part of the shelf, which form the space for the forklift fork. This type of rack tray stacking combination becomes a pallet rack, which can be placed inside the person. This rack tray is also a type of fumigation wooden pallet rack, which is a combination of shelves and pallets.

Five, long-size wooden pallets. A wooden pallet for long-sized materials that is assembled into long-sized shelves.

Six, fumigation wooden tray for tires. The tire itself has relative water and corrosion resistance, so it does not need to be sealed during the logistics process, and it is very light. It can not be used in the container to better play the capacity of the box. The main problem is the fear of pressure during storage and transportation. Squeeze, using a tray is a better choice.

With the rise of the logistics industry, there will be more and more places for fumigation wooden pallets. Zibo Tengchi Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer, welcome your inquiry, we will serve you Do a good job!