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What are the reasons for moldy plywood trays?

What are the reasons for moldy plywood trays?

The plywood tray is moldy. Most of them may be caused by environmental factors, or they may cause mildew when they are used. The tray is one of them. Then why is the mold mildew?

1. The moldy element of plywood is the presence of moisture. Excessive moisture will not only cause mold on the plywood, but also easily lead to the opening of the plywood, which directly affects the structural strength of the plywood waste. Therefore, the humidity of the veneer in the whole fumigation-free plywood tray, the moisture content of the glue, the preheating time, the hot pressing time, the dwell time and the water content of the final plywood waste are directly related to the mildew of the plywood caused by the moisture of the entire plywood tray.

2. The components are the presence of moldy plywood nutrients, high nutrient content will not only lead to mold plywood, plywood is also more susceptible to insect infection, resulting in excessive plywood nutrient flour is the main source, with China's urea, polyvinyl alcohol prices continue Rising, many manufacturers have greatly reduced the solid content of the original rubber in order to reduce costs, and used a large amount of flour to thicken the charge, which paved the way for the mold of the plywood mold.