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Export inspection process for wooden crates

Appearance inspection process for exporting wooden crates

    1. Confirm that the length of both ends of the package sealing tape extends to the side of the box is 6 ~8cm, there should be no secondary sealing marks, the adhesive tape should be straight, and the adhesive paper cut is jagged;

2. Check the top and bottom of the box for leaking adhesive tape, sealing nails, bottom exposed film bag, open Box guide page, whether there is a wrong cover, the sealing tape does not float well;

3. Confirm whether the cover is tilted, the long side flap should be aligned, closed, and the sealing nail needs to be buckled. Keep the flap cover evenly;

4. Domestic machine: 50 inches and 50 inches or less, the LCD machine is not packed with PP. If the customer has different requirements, it will still be executed according to the customer's requirements;

5.PP with tightness, the two bonding faces are less than 2mm, and the two bonding distances are greater than 30mm±2mm;

Appearance inspection of wooden crates

1. Confirm that the printed contents of the package should be clear and correct, the appearance should be clean, and there should be no painting and damage. Is the information the same as the product and the requirements? There is a sticker, is there a FRONT/front logo for the indicator screen;

2. Confirm that the handle and the snap hole on the package are properly opened;

3. Confirm the package Whether the required information on the line is consistent with the actual (weight, accurate to 0.1kg, calculated weight deviation σw = | measured weight - identification weight | / identification weight. length and width reading accurate to 1mm, package measurement size - identification size ≤ 8mm )

4. Check the contents of the barcode, the scan value and its paste position, the production date is correct, the sticker cannot be smashed, the position is positive, the skew standard is ≤15°

5. Check Whether the energy efficiency sticker is the same as the actual machine. (Scanning energy efficiency two-dimensional code to check the measured data and the query is better in the login management.)