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How to design the Shandong wooden pallets

How to design a wooden pallet in Shandong

    With logistics and export The development of the industry, the use of wooden pallets is also more and more, wooden pallets also appear a lot of different materials and models, then, how to design wooden pallets, in order to play a good effect of the wooden pallets, today Xiaobian to everyone share.


Shandong wooden pallets can be used for loading and unloading and handling of assembly tools. Pallet packaging is a collective packaging method that combines several packages into a single handling unit in a reasonable manner. It is suitable for automated loading and unloading operations and convenient for modern storage management. It can greatly improve the handling efficiency and storage management level of goods!

The increasing awareness of environmental protection in the world and the requirements for packaging materials for inbound commodities, when specializing in deep processing of composite panels, The wooden pallets made of plywood can be sold to Europe, America and Australia. In order to meet the specific needs of foreign companies of export enterprises, it is possible to supply fumigation-treated wooden pallets, wooden crates, etc., and provide the quality of the wooden pallet packaging, which directly affects the safety of the packaged goods in the flow process, and the standard tray packaging. It can improve the quality and reliability of packaging and reduce the cost of shipping packaging. And how can we design a packaging tray with better effect?

In wooden pallet packaging, the bottom packaged goods bear the weight of the upper cargo and can cause deformation of the packaging container or material under relatively long pressure conditions. Affect the smoothness of the tray packaging. Therefore, it is necessary to calibrate the stacking strength of the packaging container when carrying out the tray packaging plan. The twisting performance of the packaging container or material was also considered to ensure the safety of the goods during storage and shipping.