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Ordinary wooden box and fumigation wooden box that is good

Ordinary wooden boxes and fumigation wooden boxes?

Wooden boxes are mainly used to collect and organize products. They are placed in a wooden box for easy handling and finishing. There are fumigation and non-fumigation wooden boxes and ordinary wooden boxes, which have not been treated. So ordinary wooden boxes and fumigation wooden boxes? This is a short answer.

Many woods used in our daily life The boxes are all ordinary wooden boxes. They are easy to manufacture and cheap. Only a few pieces of wood need to be nailed and put into use. But the same ordinary wooden box is also relatively poor quality. We all know that wood is prone to decay, insects and mold, so ordinary wooden boxes are not treated and wooden boxes are relatively easy to damage.

Fumigation wooden boxes are commonly used in two ways: chemical agents and heat treatment. After high-temperature fumigation, the original bacteria and eggs in the wood are killed, so don't worry that the wood will be infected with insects. In addition, the fumigation tank cleans the moisture in the wood during the heat treatment. In this way, the fumigation wooden box is not easy to rot and crack.

Export wooden boxes only fumigation of solid wood boxes, stamped with IPPC certification, and issued a formal fumigation certificate to meet export requirements.