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There are several design requirements for exporting wooden crates

There are several design requirements for exporting wooden crates

Customized wooden box packaging is the demand of more customers, first customized from the design side. During the measurement process, the actual size, weight and position of the load point should be recorded in detail. If possible, take a picture or draw a sketch of the goods and indicate the location of the loading point.

1. The appearance structure is reasonable. When designing the wooden box structure, it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the wooden board, the wooden board can accommodate the goods, and the goods can be tightly packed to prevent the goods from spreading in the wooden box. The wooden box is easily damaged during the loading and unloading process, so the position of the nail needs to be marked when designing the wooden box, so as to achieve the quality and structure of the wooden box. Different wooden boxes should be designed according to different goods.

2, the realization of wood. When selecting wood, it is necessary to achieve no cracks, corrosion, insects, etc. The thickness of the wood is about 2 cm, which can reach a relatively high strength. In addition, after nailing into the top of the nail, it should be achieved without nail cracking. The nail should be nailed vertically and should not be bent through the board.

3. The internal structure is also very important. The internal structure of the wooden box must not be damaged. The goods in the box should be fixed to reduce damage to the surface and interior of the goods. The structure of the wooden box packaging has a great impact on transportation. Pay attention to whether the internal and external structure design of wooden boxes and wooden boxes is reasonable, so as to achieve the common safety of wooden boxes and goods, and reduce unnecessary losses.

4. During the transportation process, all aspects of the wooden box from design to manufacture to loading are important. Sliding may damage the loaded goods.