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Notes on the daily use of Zibo wooden pallets

Note on the daily use of Zibo wooden pallets

The Zibo wooden pallet is a kind of wood-made shelf, where you can put different boxes and other goods on it, and then The shelf can be lifted during transportation, which increases the convenience of transportation. Pay attention to a lot of problems when using wooden pallets, so that there is no problem in transportation. Let us talk about An Shunda packaging.


During the turnaround of the forklift, pay attention to the extra load on the pallet. In general, the additional dynamic load of Zibo wooden pallets does not exceed 2 tons. Sometimes, in the palletizing operation, in order to increase the work efficiency, the operator will pick up the pallet goods directly from the bottom tray, so that the previous dynamic load is doubled. Practice has proved that overload is the direct culprit to reduce the number of trays used.

The Zibo wooden pallet should be placed as lightly as possible to prevent uneven force and damage during landing. However, in practice, understatement is unrealistic. . This requires high requirements for the impact resistance of the wooden pallet itself. Increased resistance to wooden pallet materials.

Zibo wooden pallets should minimize sun exposure, reduce aging and shorten the service life.