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Do you know the building blocks?

As a manufacturer of building square wood, we recommend solid wood type construction timber. This kind of furniture not only preserves the original good characteristics, but also the color is very suitable for children. The main thing is that when the child is in a long body, some The harmful substances of chemical substances are very sensitive. The furniture of solid wood type building materials reduces the pollution of formaldehyde and heavy metals. There are many types of children's furniture market, and different materials are available.

Solid wood children's bed furniture made of solid wood should be chosen, because solid wood furniture maintains the natural nature of wood and has natural color. The child's body is in the development stage and is sensitive to various chemical substances. The solid wood furniture reduces various harmful chemicals such as heavy metals and formaldehyde added during the production process. At the same time, the texture of solid wood furniture is beautiful, elastic and breathable.

1. It is necessary to reduce the surface of the sun-illuminated square wood in time.

2. It is possible to use the paint film to block the external environmental influence. Conditionally, solvent intrusion, chemical treatment, etc. can be used to eliminate and change the components of the wood interior.

3. Regular biological prevention, - some microorganisms will change the surrounding temperature, humidity, oxygen, pH, etc. during the growth process, how to prevent it, we can plastic seal or chemical treatment.

4. For the prevention of discoloration of building wood enzymes, the purpose of this is to reduce the activity of the enzyme and to isolate the oxygen. The specific operation is to adjust the pH value by acid-base treatment, change the protein properties by boiling, high-frequency heating, and inhibit the phenol by using antioxidants. Enzyme activity, water storage of oxygen, these can better protect the surface color of the building wood.