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European standard wooden pallet notes

European standard wooden pallet notes

The following Zibo Tengchi Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. will take you to understand the matters needing attention in the wooden pallet.

European standard wooden pallets, as the name implies, are wooden pallets used in Europe (Europe includes Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Northern Europe and Central Europe, etc.). The European standard wooden pallets are 1200 mm*800 mm and are suitable for continental Europe, Germany and France. 1200mm*1000mm, suitable for the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Finland, only one structure, only four-fork. However, how to purchase European standard pallets has become a problem for many consumers. Here are some tips and notes.

1. When purchasing European standard wooden pallets, more attention should be paid to quality, rather than blindly pursuing product prices and product weights, because some manufacturers use recycled materials to reduce product prices, which will cause some consumers to lose; some consumers use products. The weight is the standard to measure the quality of European standard wooden pallet products, which is convenient for manufacturers to use consumption. This kind of psychology, adding a part of heavy substances such as calcium carbonate to the product not only reduces the production cost, but also greatly increases the weight of the product itself and reduces the product quality.

2. Pay attention to the licensed load. European standard wooden pallets should be “only high or low” when purchasing, that is, the actual load is 0.8 tons of dynamic load, so at least one ton of wooden pallets should be selected for purchase, because the aging of the pallet and the barbaric operation of the workers should be considered. This effectively improves the service life of the pallet and saves costs.

European standard wooden pallets can be made of logs or solid wood. There are uniform standards for wood size, bearing capacity, type, pallet nail specifications, appearance, and moisture content. European standard pallets are particularly adaptable, mainly in their unique commercial value. It can be reused. European standard pallets have important commercial value to European and American importers. It can be transferred directly to the next customer for further use and can be exchanged with other European standard pallets, which can be recycled. It can be used for pallets for several parts and pallets. There are special marks on the nail head. Based on the markers, you can see the source and license number of the tray and nails.

I hope that the precautions of the European standard wooden pallets sorted by the above-mentioned Zibo Tengchi Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. can help you!