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How to operate the forklift in Shandong wooden pallets

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How to operate the forklift in Shandong wooden pallets

As the main tool for wooden pallets, forklifts are the basic models that need to be used. Today we come Tell everyone about Shandong wooden pallets some safety procedures for forklifts in use:

1 Trained and licensed drivers can drive. Driving a forklift on a highway requires a driver's license of Class B or above. To operate the forklift in the work area, you need to have a driving license issued by the employer in writing. The driver must not drive after medication and alcohol, which is the basic safe operating principle. In addition, no modifications may be made without the permission of the supplier or manufacturer.

2 Check each control and alarm device before driving. If it is found to be damaged or defective, it should be operated after repair.

3 When transporting, do not exceed the specified value. The forks need to be fully inserted under the forks, and the forks should be placed evenly on the forks. Single fork operation is not allowed.

4 Smooth start, steering, driving, braking and stopping. On wet or smooth roads, decelerate when turning.

5 When driving on a ramp, drive carefully. When driving on a slope greater than 1/10, the uphill should be driven forward, the downhill should be driven backwards, the upper and lower slopes should not be turned, and the forklift is driving. , do not carry out loading and unloading operations.

6 The goods should be driven as low as possible and the door frame should be tilted backwards.

7 Pay attention to pedestrians, obstacles and potholes while driving, and pay attention to the gap above the forklift.

8 No one is allowed to stand on the fork, and no one is allowed on the car.

9 No one is standing under the fork or walking under the forklift.

10 Do not operate vehicles and attachments from locations other than the driver's seat.

11 Do not carry unfixed or loosely stacked goods, and handle large sizes of goods with care.

12 For high lift trucks with a lifting height of more than 3 meters, it should be noted that the upper cargo is hoisted and protective measures must be taken when the forklift pallet is needed.

13 For high lift trucks, the gantry should be tilted as far as possible, and the loading and unloading operations should be tilted back and forth in a relatively small range.

14 When driving on a wharf or temporary decking, be careful and drive slowly.

15 When fueling, the driver should not be in the car and the engine should be turned off. Do not ignite when checking the battery or tank level.

16 When leaving the car, lower the fork to the ground and place the gear handle in neutral, the engine is turned off and the power is turned off; when parking on the ramp, the parking brake is pulled, and the parking is better. The pad must be used to cushion the wheel for a long time.

17 When turning, observe the traffic rules and turn on the turn signals.

18 No driving and neutral rolling are strictly prohibited.

19 Never operate the truck with the clutch in a semi-clutch condition.

20 Regularly check for oil, water leaks, deformation, looseness, etc. Neglecting inspections will shorten the life of the vehicle and cause accidents in bad conditions.

21 Do not use an open flame to check fuel level, electrolyte or cooling water, and leaks.

22 Do not go up and down while the truck is running. Use the safety pedal and safety rails of the forklift when loading and unloading the truck.

23 Do not tow vehicles with faulty engines, abnormal steering systems, and damaged brake systems.