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Fumigation-free tray overview

Fumigation-free tray overview

Specifications for fumigation-free trays:

First, the logo: In addition to the specified gimmick logo, it should also be sprayed with a distinctive label with its own box number code, to be painted and sprayed (both sides of the container in the direction of the container), and the details of the goods in the plastic box are attached. .

Second, the acceptance of the goods in the card board: the supplier fills the goods according to the detailed list of the supply contract, Shandong wooden pallet, we have to confirm the work:

1. Check the appearance quality of the card board and whether the different labels are qualified. The confirmation list is the same as the card manufacturer's detailed list. First, the list matches the box list.

2. According to the card number, check the card board with high value and various types of goods, the size of the wooden pallet, and check whether the quantity is accurate according to the detailed list of the package, and whether the specification model meets the requirements. The random inspection ratio is 10% of the total, but not less than 3.

3. Quality requirements: For goods that do not conform to the requirements and visually and in fact do not meet the relevant standards, the goods are required to be replaced.

4. Check whether the moisture-proof and rain-proof measures of the card board are complete and thorough.

5. According to the contract detailed list, for the goods in the card board that have the number of sampling inspections and the specifications and models are not qualified, the number of sampling inspections should be increased or checked.

6. Inspection or random inspection, the supplier's representative and the consignee's representative sign the same acceptance record, two copies, and the consignee's original, as the basis for replenishment or non-delivery.

Overview of fumigation-free trays

The fumigation-free moulding wooden pallet is not long-worm, no mold, low cost, free of export fumigation and disinfection, saving expenses, can be directly exported (transported to the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and the EU) and can be directly imported into China from abroad. Follow the "no wood packaging" statement to handle the export procedures. The fumigation-free moulding wooden pallet belongs to the mold-free tray which is environmentally friendly. It is made of heavy pressure and high pressure and is pressed by the mould. It is the environmental protection moulding tray which is the tray with strong support in the tray. The fumigation-free moulding wooden pallet meets the requirements. Requirements for entry and environmental protection in countries around the world.

Fumigation-free tray main specifications

1200mm × 1000mm; 1100mm × 1100mm; 1200mm × 800mm; static load 3-4 tons, dynamic load 1-2 tons.