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External factors affecting the drying of fumigation wooden boxes

External factors affecting the drying of fumigation wooden boxes

We know that in addition to the selection of materials for fumigation wooden boxes, the degree of dryness of the wood is also very important. It is necessary to achieve a suitable dryness to produce wooden boxes, and the finished products also need to maintain relative dryness to reduce mold and insects. And rot, what are the external factors that affect the dryness of the wooden box?


Temperature is the main factor affecting the drying speed of wood. When the temperature rises, the water pressure in the wood increases, and the viscosity of the liquid free water decreases, which is conducive to promoting the flow and diffusion of moisture in the wooden box; the drying capacity of the copper wire drying medium is increased, and the evaporation rate of the surface moisture of the wood is accelerated. However, it should be noted that if the temperature is too high, it will cause cracking and deformation of the wooden box, reduce mechanical strength, discoloration, etc., and should be properly controlled.


Relative humidity is an important factor affecting the drying speed of fumigated wooden boxes. At the same temperature and gas flow rate, the higher the relative humidity, the greater the partial pressure of water vapor in the medium, the less likely the moisture on the surface of the wood will evaporate into the medium, and the slower the drying rate. When the relative humidity is low, the surface moisture evaporates relatively quickly, the surface moisture content decreases, the moisture content gradient increases, the water diffusion increases, and the drying speed is fast. However, if the relative humidity is too low, cracking and drying defects such as honeycombs may occur or even worsen.

Air circulation speed

Air circulation speed is another factor that affects the drying speed of the wooden box. The high-speed airflow can destroy the saturated vapor boundary layer on the surface of the wood, thereby changing the heat transfer and mass transfer conditions between the medium and the wood, and accelerating the drying speed. For difficult dry materials or when the moisture content of the wood is low, the moisture inside the fumigation wooden box moves to determine the drying speed; increasing the evaporation rate of the surface moisture by increasing the velocity of the medium has no practical significance, but this will increase the gradient of the moisture content and increase The risk of drying defects. Therefore, materials that are not dry do not require a large media circulation speed.